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      Our Mission: Providing a community for New England market researchers to connect, collaborate and learn
    • Waltham Woods Conference Center
      Waltham Woods, venue for NEMRA's main events in May and November
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      Connecting hundreds of New England market researchers, from agencies and corporations
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      Welcome to NEMRA: the New England Chapter of the Marketing Research Association
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      No matter what may fall in your path, NEMRA is always available to help get your market research strategy back on track
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      Connecting with NEMRA is taking one step closer to being a market research champion!
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      New England Market Research Association is the marketing community's light house, always keeping you on course to success

    From The President

    The New England Marketing Research Association leads our regional MR community, making sure we meet, learn, advance and have fun. Our 2015 Spring Conference will be on May 28th. Check out Events for all the details, and Photos to peek at some great past events. Join our mailing list to stay connected. NEMRA is exciting! 

    Ryan Barry, NEMRA President

    Proud Sponsors of the NEMRA 2015 Spring Conference

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